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CIPTUG is the official organization for anyone using Cisco IP telecommunications products. Whether you are just beginning your installation or are looking for ways to push your system to the next level, CIPTUG provides a forum where the global IP telecommunications community can share their experiences, insights, concerns and solutions. CIPTUG is committed to providing its members with the most comprehensive, highest quality user information that can help keep each Cisco IP Telecommunications product operating at peak performance levels. Members enjoy a dedicated website with lots of collaborative opportunities, insightful users-only conferences, special discounts on training, books and much more.

Membership advantages

Here are some of the many advantages of a CIPTUG membership:

  • Networking with other IT professionals
  • Educational resources and programs
  • User message boards
  • Annual conferences and trade shows
  • Advanced Product information
  • Professional development
  • Membership directory
  • Publication discounts
  • Industry news
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Access To valuable information

Statement of mission

The Cisco IP Telecommunications Users Group (CIPTUG) is an independent, non-profit association addressing the needs of Cisco IP telecommunications users around the globe.  Our purpose is to provide collaborative and educational opportunities where Cisco IP telecommunication users exchange information, experiences and best practices; influence Cisco and IPC Partners' product enhancements and directions; enhance product knowledge and technical expertise; and network with other users, Cisco and Cisco Partners

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